Toddler Fine Motor Skills Activity

When Campbell turned 18 months I bought a book called The Toddler’s Busy Book. I looked at it a bit and then promptly set it with all the other parenting books I don’t read and didn’t try any of the ideas. I need to pick it back up because I think he’s probably ready for some of the activities now that he’s 22 months old.

Since I’m home with him every other Friday I decided to finally try something! Did I go to the book? Nope, where does anyone go nowadays when they want an idea? Pinterest, duh!  I had pinned a bunch of toddler activities in the past so I decided to pull from one of those and got this Fine Motor Skills Activity from here. We’ve been very impressed by the things Campbell can do now – ABC’s, counting, puzzles, etc., but we’ve been wondering how his fine motor skills are so this seemed like a good activity for us to try.

All you need is a little Play-Doh, a spaghetti noodle, and some Cheerios (or other O shaped cereal). I got the Play-Doh that says 2+ on it. Some packages say 3+.

  I put the plate in front of him and put a Cheerio on the noodle to show him what was supposed to be done.

 He got the hang of it almost immediately, I was kind of surprised – and very proud!

 He did pretty good for a while. After he got a bunch on though, he started slipping and would miss the noodle and hold the Cheerio all the way to the bottom before realizing it wasn’t on the noodle. He didn’t get frustrated like I thought he might and got back with it.

At one point he was trying really hard and holding on to the noodle with one hand and ended up snapping one of the noodles so we just focused on the other one. See how hard he’s concentrating? I love this face!

I was really surprised at how fun he thought this was. I thought for sure he’d be bored after a few Cheerios. Let me tell you, this went on for an hour!! He cried when I said it was time to get down and do something else.

I told him the goal was to get Cheerios all the way to the top so he was pretty proud when he made it!

I guess he did get a little bit bored with the stacking because then he started snapping the noodle and sticking all the little pieces in the Play-Doh. He then proceeded to say “Happy Birthday Cake, Mommy! Happy Birthday Mommy!” (not even close to my birthday :)). Too cute.

And finally, the moment I had been waiting for the whole time, he went to stick one in his mouth. Very few had touched the Play-Doh so I didn’t freak when I wasn’t quick enough to stop him :).

After we were all done we just played with it all, smashing the Cheerios into the Play-Doh and then rolling it around and pulling it apart. It was fun to see him experience it for the first time (I always loved the stuff!). Like I said, he loved it and didn’t want to stop. Since this activity was a success, I’m eager to try another one maybe this weekend or my next day off with him. What activities do you try with your little one?


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